This Is How To Keep Your Carpet Clean And Smell Good

Carpets get dirty easily due to dust, lint, hair, and other dirt. Of course, we have to clean it every day because the dirt will hurt health, especially for respiration. Because the dust that sticks at any time can enter through the mouth or nose when someone sits on the carpet. But maybe keeping the carpet clean is too much of a stretch due to its large size. But it turns out that looking after the carpet doesn’t have to go the extra mile. Additionally, you can also call Tapestry fine carpet cleaning if you are too busy to clean your carpet yourself.

Here’s how to keep the carpet clean and smell good:

Remove Stains Immediately

Often accidentally a stain falls onto the carpet surface. Clean immediately because if you delay the stain will be difficult to remove. Also, different types of stains require different cleaning. Therefore there is a self-cleaning technique for each type of stain.

Taking off shoes in the house

Make it a rule that anyone who enters the house must take off their shoes. Then don’t forget to wash your feet because a lot of dirt is brought in from outside the house. If you feel cold barefoot, use sleeping slippers or house slippers that are always clean.

Providing Doormats at Every Entrance

Keeping the doormat clean and well-groomed can first place the doormat at every entrance to the house. So that when the feet have been wiped first by the doormat at the entrance, they will remain clean when stepping on the carpet.

Clean It Properly

Caring for carpets doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are traditional ways you can do to keep carpets clean. Natural ingredients such as vinegar, cloves, baking, and others can treat carpets from fungal attack. Also, these natural materials make the carpet smell good.

Using a good vacuum cleaner

Not all vacuum cleaners are of the same quality. Although the functions are the same, they differ in quality. If there are a lot of carpets in the house, you should use a quality vacuum cleaner. Quality products can also be used to clean mattresses, sofas, and other soft interiors.

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