Basic And Supporting Facilities At Port

As we know that the port is one of the gateways to enter a certain area and as a liaison between regions, between islands, and even between countries. To assist activities at the port, of course, several supporting facilities or facilities are needed. One that may be familiar is wood dock pilings. The facilities at the port are divided into 2, namely basic and supporting facilities. continue reading now for more

Basic facilities such as shipping lanes, harbor pools, breakwaters, mine buoys (mooring buoy).

While the supporting facilities or what is commonly called the superstructure, such as docks, warehouses, stacking yards, and roads.

In addition, there are also tools such as tugboats, pilot boats, Container Cranes (CC), Rubber Trade Gantry (RTG), Top loaders, Head Trucks, and Chasis. All of these facilities function to assist port activities both on water and on land.

Basic Facilities at the Port
1. Cruise Line
The shipping lane serves as a trajectory area for ships that will enter and leave the port pool. The depth of the shipping lane is usually determined by the formula: 1.1 full ship draft + 1 m.

Meanwhile, the width can be estimated if one lane is at least 4.8 the width of the ship, while if the two lanes are at least 7.6 the width of the ship.

2. Harbor Pool
The harbor pool is a place where ships can dock with a safe depth of about 1.1 drafts (a load of ships) full ships, with a pool area of:

– Single mooring: Circle with radius (LOA + 25 m)
– Double mooring: Rectangular length (LOA + 50 m) x width (LOA/2)

3. Wave Breaker
Serves to protect water areas from disturbance of sea waves. In general, the type is tilted, upright and mixed.

4. Mooring Buoy
Serves to tie the ship at anchor so that there is no shift caused by wind and wave currents. In addition, the mooring buoy can also help the ship to rotate. Mooring buoys are made of anchoring buoys, ballast concrete, anchors, and chains between anchors and buoys.

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