3 Tours Destination In Bulgaria

Even though it is a small country, Bulgaria’s charm is undeniable. One of the countries in Eastern Europe is like a hidden diamond. Inside, you can find quite iconic mountain ranges, such as the Balkan Mountains, Pirin, Rhodope, and the Rila which are perfect. Not to mention the rich culture and nature which is very charming. If you have plans to go to Bulgaria, be sure to read https://noborderbulgaria.org/8-best-reasons-to-retire-to-bulgaria-living-in-bulgaria/ to make your trip easier.

If all this time you thought that a vacation on the European continent would cost you a lot, but it is different from Bulgaria because this country has a fairly cheap living rate. If you plan to spend your holiday in Bulgaria, you can visit the list of tourist attractions below.

1. Visit the capital city of Sofia with various popular tourist sites in it
When planning a vacation to Bulgaria, it’s incomplete if you don’t visit this one city, Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria which is often used as the main tourist destination for tourists who are on vacation to this country.

If you want to see a closer look at nature in Sofia City, you can visit Vitosha Mountain for skiing, hiking, and visiting the longest cave in Bulgaria.

2. Rila Monastery Complex with its unique architecture
Rila Monastery is a monastery complex that has been built since the 10th century AD. The monastery is built on an area of 8800 m².

Here you can find a high stone tower located in the middle courtyard of the monastery where Sebastocrator Hrelyu was built. It’s not just looking at how unique the architecture of this monastery is.

You can also enjoy the splendor of the five-dome church and art decorations that further strengthen the beauty of the interior of this tour.

Not only religious tours, but you can also learn a lot of history here. Not to mention the beauty of the scenery in the Monastery Complex area which is located at an altitude of 1147 meters above sea level which is so enchanting.

3. The city of Sozopol on the sea coast is perfect for a summer vacation
Sozopol is a city located on the coast of the Black Sea, so it is perfect for those of you who want a summer vacation in Bulgaria. The city is filled with houses that have a unique Renaissance architectural style. Not only that, but this city close to the beach also has a view of a row of colorful boats which of course looks beautiful.

Here you can also see the Apollonia Art and Film festival which is always held every September. Where this festival presents concerts, films, and other art performances that are very exciting to watch.

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